John & Steven

Portland, Oregon, USA
Gay male couple - Retired from medical electronics career & Retired from executive assistant career
I speak English, French

Great Central Location in Downtown Portland

We've been together for 41 years, meeting in Portland in 1977. We've exchanged a handful of times. We love to travel, and are anticipating extended travel now that we're both retired.

We prefer simultaneous home exchanges or swaps (we stay at your home while you stay at ours). We may be open to non-simultaneous exchanges as we sometimes travel and just rent places where we stay. We're not really open to hospitality stays where you stay with us while we're home, or vice versa.

We'd love to discuss exchanging for long weekends in Seattle, and a week or so in LA (maybe Vancouver BC). Now that Steven has retired, we would love 30-day and longer exchanges. We prefer the urban scenes, so would like a well-located place where we can get around easily by walking and using mass transit. There may be some other, unknown-to-us, locations that we may love as well.

We really like kitchens where we can easily prepare most of our meals at home.

We do best with exchanges that are well-planned for the future, So, we doubt that we'll be able to accommodate your request for an exchange next week!

Three months in Amsterdam or NYC or Berlin or ???? Wow!


I like...

  • Open to suggestions
  • Friendship & networking
  • Housesitting
  • Sharing tips & advice
  • Showing my city

My perfect vacation involves...

  • City breaks
  • Exploring & discovering
  • Culture & museums
  • Entertainment
  • Fine dining
  • Quiet & relaxation
  • Spa & wellness
  • Rides & hiking
  • Making new friends

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