Remko & Sebastian

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Gay male couple - freelance photographer & real estate home selling presentation &
I speak English, Dutch
I can supply references

Historic central apartment

We are open to all kinds of offers. Mostly we are looking for an apartment in a nice city like Paris, New York, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Berlin and others. If there is a lot to explore, we are happy.
We love to find nice local restaurants and shops with taste and passion. But we are also into museums and other arts exhibitions.

I like...

  • Showing my city
  • Meeting new people
  • Friendship & networking
  • Open to suggestions

My perfect vacation involves...

  • Quiet & relaxation
  • Bars & gay scene
  • Being with my partner
  • Making new friends
  • Beach & sun
  • Fine dining
  • Entertainment
  • Culture & museums
  • Exploring & discovering
  • City breaks

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