Michael & Albert

New York, USA
Gay male couple - Student & Retired
I speak English-Dutch
I can supply references

New York City

*Update 17 February 2019
**I do have multiple cats. VERY friendly, playful, and affectionate boys. They'll need some TLC if you chose to stay at this apartment. They're low maintenance and are pretty hypoallergenic. I've been allergic to cats my entire life and did some research on which type of cats have least production of protein responsible for allergic reactions in people - Siberian cats are top of the list. I have zero reaction to them (but this may not be the same for everyone). They are not allowed to sleep in my bedroom with me. But you may do as you please- they are cuddle monsters and love chin scratches.

Moved into brand new 1-bedroom apartment in the new neighborhood of 'Hudson Yards', Midtown West, or Hells Kitchen area of Manhattan. 3 city blocks away from Times Square, and feet away from the gay-borhood, Hells Kitchen/Chelsea. Building is VERY pet-friendly with dog wash room, dog run built into 12th floor of building, bowling alley inside building, and rooftop pool. There are several private/public off-leash dog runs in the area too to bring your pups - enough that we go to a different one everyday. Neighborhood is safe, close to the subways, and has plenty of theater, culture, Broadway shows, nightlife, shopping, restaurants, Metropolitan Opera, Central Park, Hudson River, NYC Ballet, etc...so close! Everything!

I am studying to become a nurse, and am realizing that I haven't done any traveling and would love to start seeing bits of the world. I am friendly, organized, clean, loyal, respectful, and quiet. My partner lives separately from me, in the Netherlands. But there are times that we are looking to travel together, sometimes I am looking alone. I don't have much time off from school, but I would like to start planning vacations for when I do have a break. Sadly, I only speak English. My partner speaks English and Dutch.

I am looking for anything. I'm new to this website, and am open to suggestions. I am open to swapping, renting, house sitting, or even being a guest in someone's home. I just want to get out and experience more of the world. Lived and enjoyed this big bright NYC bubble for too long, and it's time for me to see other parts of the country/world.


I like...

  • Open to suggestions
  • Friendship & networking
  • Meeting new people
  • Showing my city
  • Travel buddies
  • Being a host
  • Petsitting
  • Housesitting

My perfect vacation involves...

  • Exploring & discovering
  • Culture & museums
  • Bars & gay scene
  • Beach & sun
  • Quiet & relaxation
  • Sports & fitness
  • Rides & hiking
  • Being with my partner
  • Making new friends

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