Jacopo & Gianluca

Milan, Italy
Gay male couple - psychotherapist, formerly in fashion & holistic healer
I speak english, french, spanish, italian
I can supply references

A great place in Milan's typical old style house

I am a late-fourties professional and a career changer: after years spent in the fashion industry as communications executive and writer, I have become a chartered Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, with a Jungian background ( for those interested in the subject), a profession which I now hold since 15 years (professional website :www.jacopovalli.com). I am a very sporty guy, non smoker, with a consistent spiritual soul, open to the new, as much as respectful, laid-back and fun to be with. I am very clean and caring and expect you to be the same. I have lived in a few cities abroad for some time and also had foreigner partners (Belgian, Dutch and Northern American). I know some good English, French, Spanish and, of course, I speak my own language, Italian, which I love. Gianluca and I are very fond of traveling and have quite a good deal of time to do so.

I lead a relatively quite relaxing sort of life with my partner Gianluca. We enjoy being at home as well as ocasionally going out tointeresting spots or events or clubbing (this latter not so much anymore, but when it is worthy, oh yes. But I am very well up-dated about what’s going on here on the gay scene).

I am willing to swap for short /medium lapses of time , between 2/4 days (e.g. long week ends, Thurday through Monday morning) or 1 or 2 weeks in a row anywhere in Europe.
I am also interested in exchanges of the whole apartment for longer terms, between 2 and 4 weeks or more, chiefly during Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays ( I usually take the whole month of July and August off) anywhere in the world . Up to now, We have experienced great swaps in Berlin, Paris, London, Nice, New York and willing to do more in the future.

I like...

  • Friendship & networking
  • Open to suggestions
  • Sharing tips & advice
  • Showing my city
  • Being a host

My perfect vacation involves...

  • City breaks
  • Exploring & discovering
  • Culture & museums
  • Partying & clubbing
  • Fine dining
  • Beach & sun
  • Quiet & relaxation
  • Making new friends
  • Being with my partner

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