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Munich, Germany

Erhan Erdem stayed in Oct 2011


We did our first ever house exchange with Phil and Marten. The results were more than what we expected! Phil and Marten's place in Munich is impeccable. It is close to public transportation and close to many amenities. It is a in a very cute, clean and quiet neighborhood. They provided us with clear instructions and lots of guidebooks! During...

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City centre, Bologna, Italy

Erhan Erdem stayed in Oct 2010


Luca and Roberto are very hospitable people. We stayed at their place for one week in October. They were kind enough to open up their house to us and let us use their extra bedroom and bathroom. They provided us lots of guide book and they took us for a tour in Bologna. Very sweet, very nice people. Their place...

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Catania, Sicily, Italy

Matt Matt stayed in Mar 2011

What a great home and what a generous host! Waking up in a huge Italian Villa, decorated in Japanese eclectic style while overlooking Mount Etna is an experienced not to be missed! We stay at Harry's house for a week, and found our host very friendly, charming and a real cutie! Nicolosi is a small and picturesque town with some...

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1st arrondissement, Paris, France

Nathalie V stayed in May 2010


Wonderful people, wonderful property, wonderful neighbourhood! it was a delightful experience! Thank you François and Nicolas!

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A1A - North Ocean Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Chuck Lubecki Higgins stayed in Feb 2011


We stayed for a wonderful week at this condo. Ralph was gracious in showing us around the unit. The condo is beautiful, well appointed and the location is perfect. The ocean views are gorgeous! Thanks, chuck

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Turrialba, Costa Rica, Turrialba, Costa Rica, Central America

Matt Matt stayed in Jan 2011


Oh my God...... Not only are these two hosts smart, friendly, funny, and sexy.., they must own THE most gorgeous house ever to be built in Costa Rica. We spent five days with Ted and JP after swapping some emails, and we have never, never felt so glamourous and welcome. We did a hosting exchange, and if Ted gets JP...

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Moravia, San José, San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America

Matt Matt stayed in Jan 2011


Wow, wow, wow! Meeting Franklin in San Jose and staying at his gorgeous house was the highlight of our three month trip to Costa Rica. We spent three weekends in San Jose, and have never met a more amiable host! Host Franklin is not only smart and sexy, he knows the best restaurants, the best bars and best clubs, and...

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Downtown-Pearl, Portland, Oregon, USA

Michael stayed in Jul 2010


Perfect location in the Pearl; immaculate new condo building, very friendly guys--who could ask for more? Wait, there is more: they left our flact in San Francisco in immaculate condition when they left. We stayed for several days at John & Steven's condo in the Pearl District. Close to everything (walked most places); streetcar right outside. Nice large outdoor deck...

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Greenwich Village, New York, USA

Ken stayed in Aug 2010


The owner of this wonderful apartment had arranged an exchange in Australia and kindly permitted me to stay in his fabulous 3 bed, 2 bath apartment whilst he was travelling. Although we have yet to meet, in return for his kindness, we arranged that he could stay with me in London at a later date. This is a very large...

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