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What we offer

Finding people, just like you...

Home Around the World offers more than just home swaps. Our worldwide members discover imaginative and unique solutions to create perfect holidays in some of the world's most popular vacation spots. Whatever it is you are looking for, we'll help you find someone just like you.

Home Exchanges

Discover the key to staying for free

When you exchange homes on Home Around the World you always travel safe and secure in the knowledge that your home, your pets and plants are being cared for by another member, just like you.

Home Exchange

By simultaneously swapping your home with another member, you'll stay in comfort and enjoy being a tourist whilst living like a resident. Some members with second homes often find it easy to make non simultaneous swaps.

Hospitality Exchange

If you are new to home swapping and are hesitant about making your first direct swap, why not stay with another member first and then return their hospitality at a later, mutually convenient time?

Vacation Rentals & BnBs

Perfect places to stay for gay travellers and their friends

Are you a vacation rental or BnB owner? 

By advertising your perfect city apartment or comfortable rural retreat to our gay and gay friendly travellers you'll be joining our growing list of vacation properties that range from the simple and basic to the simply luxurious. 


How do I start?

You are only 2 clicks away...

Your key to discovering some of the best gay homes around the world is quick and easy.

1 List your home

Begin by telling our members all about you, your family composition, your holiday likes and preferences and what you are looking for. This is your opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight. The personal touch is very important when arranging to swap your home! 

Next fill in some details of your home, add some images and then preview and publish your listing. You can add an unlimited number of photos allowing you scope and freedom to show yourself, your home and your area to the best advantage. Photos are one one of your strongest marketing tools and will always encourage other members to reach out with a home swap suggestion you might find interesting.

2 Contact, connect & agree

This is the fun part! Think of places you know and love and places you’d love to know, then browse our listings and contact our members. 

Through emails and phone calls you'll soon get to know your Home Around the World partner and you’ll soon forget that you started out as strangers. Once you feel secure knowing that your own home will be in the safe hands of another member, make whatever arrangements suit you best, grab a flight and enjoy your vacation! Just don’t forget to tell us all about it by leaving a review. All reviews earn the writer a free month's membership.

I only want to advertise my rental or BnB

You are only 1 click away...

As a rental or BnB owner you won't need to tell our members all about yourself - unless you want to. Just skip this part and jump to describing your property.