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Messaging Tips & Tricks

 Messaging tips 

Tip 1 - Send the right first message

Don't confuse emailing HATW members with texting. messages like: "Hey! Fancy coming to my place?" and "how r u? Interested for a weekend trade let me know" will just not cut it! As always, first impressions count. If you are hoping to be a guest in someone's home, get off to a good start by sending a detailed personal message and include comments on what attracted you to the listing and what you are offering and looking for in return. A great introductory first message will always produce a much more favourable response.

Tip 2 - Save your Introductory message

We are sure you don't have time to write a new first message every time you introduce yourself to another member. The HATW message program enables you to save your first message, so you may only need to edit and personalise it slightly before sending it afresh to another member.

Tip 3 - Be proactive and make the first move

We all want to feel wanted, and so of course it feels good when we are messaged by another member with an offer or suggestion. But why wait? Check our current and new listings regularly and get in touch too. By reaching out to others you will greatly increase your opportunities for finding ideal swaps. 

Tip 4 - Be flexible and open to new ideas

One of the joys of being a member is that other members will contact you with unexpected suggestions and offers that will stimulate your imagination. Maybe you'll think about a destination you hadn't considered before. Being flexible and open to new ideas will increase your swap opportunities. 

Tip 5 - Enjoy your communication

Remember the best home swaps don't necessarily happen overnight. They can, but good communication is the key to ensure the best opportunities for a successful swap. Asking the right questions, replying promptly with clear answers, keeping in regular contact and making Skype calls help enormously in creating a bond of trust and security that you are not exchanging your home with a stranger, but a friend. 

Tip 6 - Making new friends around the world

One of the many benefits of being a member is that you'll also make new friends around the world. 

Many firm and lasting friendships have grown out of home swapping. Take time to get too know your potential exchanger, as making friends with other members adds to the swap experience. Read about the special friendship between New York members Stephanie & Lisa and Koos and Cees in Amsterdam

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Tip 7 - Replying to messages

HATW will email you and inform you that you have a new message waiting to be read in your HATW Inbox. Just login to read and reply. Replying is an essential part of membership and can be quick and easy by clicking one of our pre-formatted automatic emails or by writing a longer more personalised message. At any point you can swap your own personal emails and continue your conversations off-site. 

 Our customer care

Please reach out and contact us at any time if you have any questions or comments about our service. We'll be delighted to help you.

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