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Caring for pets

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Pet owners planning a vacation have the added responsibility of ensuring that there is adequate provision made for their much-loved pets.

By vacationing in hotels we are usually faced with the choice of either depending upon the kindness of our friends, or putting our beloved pets in the kennel. Neither option is ideal.

On no account should you ever arrange an exchange without first advising your exchanger that you have a pet.

All pet owners will share the same concerns, but if you are looking after your exchanger’s pet make sure your Home Information Kit provides the following information:

Food. What foods does your pet like, how often and how much? Are treats allowed?

Sleep. Where does your pet sleep? Should your exchanger be anxious if your cat disappears for a few days?

Walks. How often and how long? Where does your dog go for walkies?

Flexibility. If you are going to be travelling for a few days, what alternative arrangements can be made?

Emergencies. What veterinarian do you use in case of emergencies?

If you have made alternative arrangements for the care of your pet, it may be a good idea to simply make certain your exchanger does not suffer from pet allergies. Although your cat may be elsewhere, your cat’s fur will almost certainly still be around the home. This should not pose a problem to most people but it may be kinder just to check.

Whether fish or ferret, our pets are part of our lives, no matter where we are in the world. By exchanging with someone who loves their pet, just like you, you are spared the anxiety of wondering how they are coping in your absence. And on your return you’ll discover they coped very well without you.

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