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Advantages of a HATW membership

Why you'll enjoy your Home Around the World membership

Why do gay (& gay friendly) travellers arrange home swaps in some of the world's top vacation spots?

Travel the world for free

You may decide never to pay for hotel accommodation again. The only major expense is your travel. But swapping homes is more than just saving money.

Have more fun, doing more activities

Your home exchange can include cars, bicycles, club memberships and even friends. 

Save money and actually enjoy shopping

Shop as the locals do and save even more money on restaurant and laundry bills. Travel light!

Relax at home

Out late last night? Then sleep late in your own bed, just as you do in your own home. You won't have to be up early for a hotel breakfast. Be in charge of your own time. 

Live like a local

Don't feel like a tourist. You'll do more, see more and have more fun. 

Make new friends

Friendships can arise naturally when you live as a local, not stay as a tourist. Get an insider's knowledge of the local scene and enjoy being a tourist, whilst living as a local. 

Enjoy more vacations

An advantage of saving on accommodation costs is that you may be able to enjoy more vacations every year. A variety of weekend or short breaks throughout the year is an unexpected bonus from swapping your home with other members. 

Enriching experiences 

By living in another country you'll experience new cultures and lifestyles. Thinking about relocating? Gain an insider's perspective on an area. 

Your own home is secure

Your own home isn't left vacant whilst you travel. Because you know your home is more secure, you'll feel more secure. 

Your new home from home

Sleep in a double bed with your partner, just as you do at home. No more potentially embarrassing hotel check-ins!

Extending your membership for free

We love to read about our members' home swapping experiences. As a thank you from us every review you write earns you a free additional one month's membership. So, just swap and tell us about it. We'll thank you.

The Home Around the World Family

Arranging a home swap and allowing someone into your home is about first establishing trust and trust is always built upon good communication. HATW recommends ONLY swapping your home with other members who, like you, have paid a nominal fee to list, as this is an important credential when thinking about your trust and security. Trust, friendship and good communication are the keys to a successful swap. Our members care for their homes and think of each other as part of a family. It doesn't really get much better than this, does it?

Discounts on renewals & additional listings

We offer generous discounts on membership renewals and additional listings. Have you checked our fees

Our customer care

Please reach out and contact us at any time if you have any questions or comments about our service. We'll be delighted to help you. 

Keep up the great work – you are bringing together a world of gay travellers and in so doing fostering some wonderful friendships."

Rory & Herb from Vancouver

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